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16 crosses to Joe Reed 16 crosses to Joe Hancock 11 crosses to Leo 11 crosses to Old Sorrel 10 crosses to Zantanon A total of 65 crosses to 18 AQHA Hall of Fame horses
Prairie Silver Fae 2019 Dun Silver Filly (Registered Dun) EEAtaDdZz Registered AQHA Foundation 84.65% 5 Panel N/N
 “Fae”   Introducing Prairie Silver Fae... by our Silver stallion, Hancocks Silver Boy (aka Troy) and our good mare, HPH Peps Drydoc Dash (Dasha). Fae has been special since the day she was born; with exceptional conformation, pretty head and a sweet disposition. Her every movement is so graceful, she’s simply a joy to watch. Too special to sell, we decided to add her to our breeding program as a future broodmare prospect. Fae is as intelligent as she is pretty, very quick to learn and eager to be in our company. She has lots of energy but remains nicely mannered. She comes running to greet us at pasture, friendly with everyone... and yes, that’s the Silver gene you see showing in her mane n tail. Being a daughter of Dasha, Fae has some very impressive Bloodline Equivalents to brag about... she is 50% equivalent to a mating between Mr San Peppy and Peppy San; 50% equivalent to Docs Hotrodder and Dry Doc; and more...
Prairie Silver Peppy- Bloodline Equivalents (calculated by All Breed Pedigree)