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Photo: Andrea Webb
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HANCOCKS SILVER BOY (aka Troy) - 2012 Brown Silver Stallion - SALE PENDING
We knew the day would come when we would have to let Troy go; and, very sadly, that time is here... we are breeding only 6 mares now and don’t need two stallions for that, and Troy’s son, Quincy, gave us an outstanding first foal crop last year. So, with no mares for Troy this year, it’s time to let him go to another ranch. He’s only approaching ten yrs old, so he can give his new owners the big, beautiful, friendly fillies and colts that we have enjoyed, for many years to come... Hancocks Silver Boy is a rare Brown Silver (Dapple) Quarter Horse, one of a very small handful of this breed that carry the Silver gene. There are very few Foundation ‘Silver’ AQHA stallions in the world and even fewer that, like Troy, can offer good potential for the rarest Quarter Horse colour - Black Silver. And there’s much more going on besides his colour genetics. His size (15.3hh), his strong bone, well-muscled, balanced conformation and his outstanding personality all contribute to the quality of this exceptional stallion. Troy has a gentle, friendly disposition, good manners and he’s a gentleman with the mares and safe with the foals... traits he passes on to his offspring. Since his first foals in 2016 Troy’s offspring have been consistently outstanding... big, well muscled and beautifully proportioned with wonderful dispositions.  To date (2022), Troy has given us an amazing 14 Silver foals out of 20 offspring (from various coloured mares), including 2 Black Silvers. Double Registered AQHA & FQHA (88.65%) 5-Panel N/N Other things you may want to know... 1) Troy is NOT broke to ride (he has the disposition, but we lacked the time) 2) Troy’s registered name (Hancocks Silver Boy) is misleading... he is not a “Hancock Horse”; he only carries about 6% Joe Hancock in his bloodlines. We realize this will be a disappointment for some and a relief to others :) 3) He’s been strictly a ‘pasture-breeding’ kinda guy, which has worked very well for us. Troy is not trained to an AI dummy, nor has he been hand-bred. Having said that, we have successfully bred outside mares with him simply by putting them together in a large corral. Troy is a natural gentleman and has never become aggressive with a strange mare. 4) Troy has never showed aggression toward any person; he doesn’t bite or kick and has a soft spot for little kids. When people come to visit, they seldom realize he’s a stallion as they stand petting him... then they always have to check the plumbing when we tell them :) 5) He has been penned all this winter with a (pregnant) mare for company, right next to a pen with a couple of geldings. He is not concerned about the geldings and, without the mare there, would probably be fine in the pen with them; although we haven’t tried this. 6) Troy is respectful of fences and gates, both at pasture and at home, and has never tried to go through them or over them, even when a mare is arriving in the trailer. He gets very excited whenever he sees the horse trailer arriving (empty or not); always thinking there must be a mare in there for him. If you open the trailer door, he is going to jump right in; convinced, I think, that there must be a mare hidden in the straw somewhere! 7) Troy halters, leads and stands tied at home and at pasture; loves to be groomed; has had a saddle cinched on his back without a fuss. As mentioned before, he jumps into the trailer when you open the door and is quite content to stay in there. Comes running when you call him, out at pasture. He’s grown up in familiar territory, so I would expect him to be excited when he goes elsewhere, but should settle in nicely once he’s familiar with his new home. 8) Troy has only one ‘vice’ I can think of, if you want to call it that; he does not pick up his hind feet well... he simply refuses to pick them up... and when a 1200-1300 lb horse puts all his weight on a foot, it ain’t coming up. Since we trim our own horses, this is a problem for me. As a result, his back feet are trimmed, but never as nicely as they should be. This may not be a problem for others with greater experience than mine. This is truly a great stallion we are offering. I have given you all the information I can think of to help you make an informed decision... if there’s something more you’d like to know, ask away and I’ll answer if I can. Pics of his offspring on this website speak for themselves, and video of Troy is on his Page HERE. If you’re interested, contact me by email or text me at 306-628-7540. All the best, Wendy Webb Prairie Silver Quarter Horses
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